November Art Show to Benefit LifePath at Eden Cafe

Art Show

Throughout the month of November, Eden Cafe is hosting a captivating art show featuring the works of artist Carrie Gordon, with a portion of the proceeds dedicated to benefit LifePath. 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant creations of Carrie Gordon, where her art reflects the unique blend of her New York roots and Southern California dreams. Eden Cafe’s transformed space becomes a canvas of creativity, inviting art enthusiasts to experience the depth of Carrie’s talent. This unique exhibit not only promises a visual feast but also carries a meaningful purpose. 

By attending, you not only indulge in artistic inspiration but also contribute directly to the mission of LifePath, helping us create positive change and empower lives of older adults in our community. 

Join us in celebrating the magic of art and giving back at Eden Cafe throughout this special month.

Opening Reception | Friday November 17

Friday November 17 | 6:00 – 9:30 pm

Eden Cafe
269 Osborne Road #3
Albany, NY 12211

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Carrie Gordon

Carrie’s work has been shown in solo and group shows at venues including LA live arts, Avenue 50 Gallery, Artapalooza, Coffee Gallery, Altadena Pride Festival, Encino Terrace Gallery, Cypress Artwalk, Blueline Arts Museum (Sacramento), MiddleRidge Winery (Idyllwild), Eden Gallery and Islip Arts museum (NY).

Her intent is to create art that whimsically rewards the casual glance and invites the viewer to engage in deeper exploration. I would like to offer you, the viewer, a chance to leave your day-to-day stress behind and take a ‘journey’ into the paintings. Experience that welcomes pause, and feel better for the ‘visit’.