LifePath is blessed in so many ways, and the places our work leads us to are definitely up there in the blessings category. This week, we had a ball with “Hotdogger” Kee as the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile visited LifePath and many of our older friends. It is cool to just run across the Wienermobile, but getting up close and riding in it makes you feel like a fairy granting wishes!

People broke out in grins, honked horns, and pulled out their phones everywhere we went; many shared their memories, and even the young people who had never heard of it before were duly impressed. The best parts were delivering the Meals on Wheels to some very surprised and tickled home-bound seniors and popping into our Newgate Social Day Program for a surprise visit.

Thank you, Kee! “Frankly” you made our day!


“Hello, I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone who keeps this senior center going! My Mom and her friend joined the senior center a few months ago. They truly enjoy being a part of this center and meeting so many great people! The food, activities, trips, and most of all the friendships they have made all have been amazing! It gives them something to look forward to and has become like a second family to them! I’m so happy they have the community center. Thank you for all you do!”

Thank You, Michele!


“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and I am passionate about animals and the elderly. I started volunteering at LifePath to deliver Meals on Wheels in March 2020 when there was an urgent need for volunteers. I have really enjoyed the connections and friendships that developed with the people I serve. They are like family to me!”

Thank You, Erica!

Thank you to our Corporate Partners who support our LifePath mission annually, making it possible to provide the vital programs and services to the older adults in our community!

2022 Corporate Partners

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