Senior Food Security Fund

One of LifePath’s largest and most well-known programs is Meals on Wheels, which delivers hot, nutritious meals to homebound older adults.  Albany County Department for Aging is the primary funder for the majority of Meals on Wheels recipients, based on their ability to meet County qualifications.  Unfortunately, some homebound older adults do not meet County criteria and therefore are unable to receive County-subsidized meals.  In staying true to our mission of keeping our older friends and neighbors healthy and safe, LifePath created the Senior Hunger Relief Fund to help bridge this gap. Money raised to benefit this Fund allows us to deliver meals to our older neighbors in immediate need — in some cases getting meals to them on the very same day we receive the request — until we can find a more long-term funding solution for the individual.  Food insecurity is rising among older adults and sadly the number of requests that we receive for home-delivered meals far outweigh the funds we have available.  Not wanting to deny a hungry senior, we continue to deliver meals when needed (even if it means operating on a deficit).

The clients who would benefit from meals provided through the Senior Hunger Relief Fund include:

  • Older adults who are just a few months shy of being 60.
  • Aging adults who call the LifePath emergency number with absolutely no food and no support system and are in need of immediate assistance.
  • People with minor food allergies that are disqualified by the County, but who we can accommodate by making small adjustments to the menu to comply with their food restrictions.
  • People with unique circumstances, such as the gentleman who was on our Meals on Wheels program who had to have all his teeth pulled and needed his meal pureed.  Since pureed food disqualified him from receiving County-subsidized meals, LifePath was able to provide him pureed meals which were funded through the Senior Hunger Relief Fund.  He received these meals for nearly 3 months until he was able to eat solid foods again.

Please consider supporting this vital Fund by calling Maria Jones, Director of Marketing & Special Events at 518-465-3322.