Providing Assistance and Support to Seniors in Transition (PASST)

“The meals I received since being released from the hospital were fantastic, and I am feeling much better! I truly believe that the nutritious meals helped with my recovery. Thank you!”
– Elizabeth, PASST Client

Nationally, one in every five adults over the age of 65 discharged from a hospital stay is readmitted within 30 days, while one in three is readmitted within 90 days.  The Providing Assistance & Support to Seniors in Transition (PASST) program will help transition after being discharged from the hospital or a rehabilitation center, reducing the likelihood of readmission.

If you are 50 years or older, reside in Albany County, and have recently been discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation center, LifePath will provide you with nutritious meals and a wellness check, both of which have been shown to improve healing time and reduce hospital readmissions. BASED ON AVAILABLE FUNDING.

Through the grant-funded PASST Program, qualified adults will receive services including:

  • two home-delivered meals a day for up to two weeks. Each meal is freshly prepared daily, is low in sodium, and provides one-third of the daily required dietary allowances.
  • a daily face-to-face visit by a professional delivery driver, who is trained to look for signs of physical distress; and in emergency situations, he/she can contact a credentialed social worker and additional support services as needed.
  • contact with a social worker to provide referrals, should there be additional needs.
  • meals for eligible caregivers for up to two weeks, to help through the transition.

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