Equipped for the Journey: Embracing Emotions as Part of Life & Love

LifePath, The Community Hospice, and Albany Guardian Society are pleased to present a five-part virtual interactive program...

Conversations about Loss and Grief: More than End-of-Life

Loss and grief happen during all stages of life. Let’s have a conversation about what that looks like, whether it’s a loss and grief through death, a job, change of life, divorce, etc.

* Darienne Gagne, MDiv – Bereavement Chaplain and Spiritual Counselor, The Community Hospice
* Carla Sofka, Ph.D., MSW – Professor of Social Work, Siena College

Cultural, Spiritual and Trauma Awareness: How People from Different Faiths & Cultures Approach Loss

No one person approaches loss in exactly the same way. People’s approaches to loss, whether it is a symbolic loss or through death can be shaped by many factors, including their upbringing, traumatic experiences, cultural factors, and spirituality.

* Doug Burleigh, MDiv – Chaplain, The Community Hospice

* Rabbi Ami Monson –  Jewish Community Chaplain, Jewish Family Services of Northeastern New York
* Robert L. Miller, Jr. Ph.D., M. Phil, LMSW – Associate Professor, University at Albany & Director US-Africa Partnerships to Build Stronger Communities
* Tanya Schwartz, LCSW-R, C-ASWCM – Care Manager, Care Manage For All, LLC

Making Your Wishes Known: Difficult Conversations about End-of-Life

How can we normalize the concept of death as another phase of living? How can we have these conversations that are difficult for many people to make their wishes known and help plan for a “good death”?

* Gwendolyn E. Bondi, MS – Bioethics Consultant

* George Giokas, MD – Palliative Care Specialist
* Emily Nicki, MSW – Case Manager, Alzheimer’s Center at Albany Medical Center

Facing Serious Illness

We will explore steps to take when facing a serious illness. How can emotions be managed to navigate through obtaining needed services?

* George Giokas, MD – Palliative Care Specialist
* Linda Mertz, MSW – Special Projects Coordinator & Continuing Education Director, School of Social Welfare, University at Albany
* Rachel Robinson, MSW –   Program Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Center at Albany Medical Center

Making Our Way to a Good Death

A good death – what services and supports are offered during this phase of life? What challenges and benefits may there be with Hospice services?

* Robyn Bortle, ASNH RN MSN – Quality, Education, Infection Control Manager, The Community Hospice
* Carol Curran, MD –  Medical Director, The Community Hospice
* Carla Sofka, Ph.D., MSW –  Professor of Social Work, Siena College