Volunteer Spotlight – Andrea Hughes (National Volunteer Month)

National Volunteer Month 2022 - "LifePath Everyday Heros."

Andrea Hughes

April is National Volunteer Month, and LifePath is thrilled to recognize the hard-working volunteers that keep their nonprofit organization thriving! Because volunteers bring so much value to their senior clients and the organization as a whole, LifePath is introducing a new feature to the Stepping Stones Newsletter titled the “LifePath Everyday Heros” This month’s dedicated “everyday hero” is Andrea – a proud volunteer with over a decade of committed service at the Watervliet Senior Center location.


Andrea’s journey as a LifePath Volunteer began when her mom was a client at LifePath@Watervliet, where she spent time tending to her mom’s needs and helping out around the Center. One day, Andrea was asked if she wanted to participate in a Bake Sale, and from then on, her involvement progressed. Andrea quickly became a trusted volunteer who eventually served as a board member, the former Vice President, and finally as the former President at the Watervliet Senior Center.


Today, Andrea continues to be a key volunteer at LifePath, where she works five days per week with a total of 20 hours of service, starting from the morning and into lunchtime! Here she sets the lunch tables, restocks goods, preps rooms for activities, and aids the kitchen cooks and food servers. Of course, she is also a familiar, welcoming smile when the seniors walk into the Center. 


During Andrea’s recent phone interview with LifePath Marketing and Special Events Director, Maria Jones, Andrea repeated the word “rewarding” to describe the excellent work she does to serve the LifePath@Watervliet Seniors. She says:


“I always know and remember the seniors’ needs, from an allergy medication reminder to getting to know their personalities, it’s always a rewarding feeling to know that they can be comfortable and heard at our Center.”


Andrea was also asked why she’s continued her long-standing volunteer work with LifePath, where she explained it’s because of the warm smiles of the senior’s joy, the convenience of the Centers location, and the reward of being a helping hand to the aging community has been a delightful part of her life.


“Seeing seniors walk in and smile saying “so good to see you” is a great feeling. It makes me happy to see the seniors come in and out of their homes to see people instead of being stuck inside the four walls of their homes. At the Center, they have friends and people to see.”


People like Andrea make small nonprofit organizations like LifePath a better place to be. Without volunteers, LifePath would not be possible, as good help is always wanted and needed. Andrea spoke out to those interested in volunteering at LifePath saying:


“If someone is interested in volunteering, LifePath is a great company with a great group of down-to-earth people. You’ll make a lot of new friends and the work is very rewarding.”


If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer at LifePath, please visit: