Kinship Care Forum: September 27


Essential Resources

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

In-Person & Virtual

12 Corporate Woods, 1st Floor



LifePath is excited to share its pivotal role in St. Catherine’s Center for Children Kinship Care Forum: Essential Resources, a valuable event designed to shed light on the intricacies of kinship care. This enlightening panel will feature a variety of discussions that delve into the essence of kinship, offering valuable insights and resources to attendees.

LifePath is honored to be a part of this panel, contributing two prominent voices to the conversation. Maria Jones, Director of Marketing and Special Events at LifePath, will take the helm as the moderator for the event. With her skillful guidance, attendees can expect an engaging exploration of kinship care in all its dimensions.

Additionally, Felicia Segelken, LMSW, Director of Support Programs at LifePath, will bring her wealth of experience and knowledge as a panelist. Her expertise in the field of social work will prove invaluable in addressing the multifaceted aspects of kinship care and offering support and resources to attendees.

The panel discussions, including “What is Kinship?”, “Kinship System of Care & Financial Assistance,” and “Mind, Body & Relationship Maintenance for Kinship Caregiver Success,” promise to be informative and interactive, addressing the diverse challenges and joys of kinship caregiving.

Mark your calendars for the Kinship Care Forum on September 27, 2023, at 12 Corporate Woods, 1st Fl. Albany. If you can’t attend in person, virtual participation is available. The discussions will run from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., providing a wealth of knowledge and resources for all attendees. LifePath, with Maria Jones and Felicia Segelken at the forefront, is proud to be part of this vital conversation and looks forward to joining forces with St. Catherine’s to empower and support kinship caregivers.




8:30 a.m.: Continental Breakfast Begins

9:00 a.m.: Panel 1 – What is Kinship?

10:00 a.m.: Panel 2 – Kinship System of Care & Financial Assistance

11:00 a.m.: Panel 3 – Mind, Body & Relationship Maintenance for Kinship Caregiver Success



Panel Descriptions:

What is Kinship?

This panel addresses what exactly kinship care is and how the pathway can look: informal versus formal. including foster care. This will be a discussion on how St. Catherine’s Center for Children’s programs support kinship families.


Kinship System of Care & Financial Assistance

This discussion will review the services available for kinship families across New York State, including Kinship Navigator, local kinship programs, permanency centers and legal resources. It will also review the Non-Parent Caregiver Grant, the most accessible form of financial assistance for kinship families, as well as a review of other financial assistance such as KinGAP, foster care maintenance payments and adoption subsidies.


Mind, Body & Relationship Maintenance for Kinship Caregiver Success


We all make plans for many things we will do through the years, but once we reach a “certain age” raising children is rarely part of those plans. While the responsibilities, challenges and joys may be willingly accepted, they can often place real and significant stress on caregivers and the relationships between those caregivers, as well as on our minds and bodies. In this informative and interactive session, we will acknowledge and discuss strategies for working through issues that can affect these things when we become kinship caregivers.