Health and Fitness Classes


LifePath offers various health and fitness classes.

Healthy Bones for Life is a low-impact exercise program designed to help you retain bone mass to prevent osteoporosis. Benefits reported by participants include improved balance and muscle endurance.  Exercises are performed by standing or sitting on a chair.  This is a free program!

Tone and Stretch is a class that will target all of your muscle groups as you gently stretch and use resistance from your own body weight to build muscle tone.  Much of the class is performed on floor mats. 

YMCA Enhanced Fitness Program a 16-week evidence-based group exercise program, helping older adults at all levels of fitness become more active, energized, and empowered for sustainable independent living.

  • Tai Chi
  • Wii Fitness Bowling
  • Yoga
  • Line Dancing
  • Chair Pilates
  • Functional Fitness

For more information, please call 518-465-3322 .