Join the LifePath Board of Directors

🌟 Join the LifePath Board of Directors 🌟

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of older adults in our community? We invite individuals to apply for a rewarding volunteer opportunity on our Board of Directors for a three-year term starting 1/1/24 and ending 12/31/26.

👉 About LifePath:
Our mission is to keep our older neighbors and friends healthy and safe by providing effective programs and support, helping them stay connected to our communities. You can play a vital role in achieving this mission.

🤝 Commitment:
Board members typically attend two monthly meetings in Albany, including the official board meeting and one committee meeting. These meetings are scheduled either in the early morning (around 8:30 AM) or after work (around 5:00 PM) and last approximately 90 minutes each. The total monthly time commitment, including meetings and independent review of emails, paperwork, and reports, is estimated at around 6 hours per month.

💲 Financial Contribution:
While no predetermined financial contribution is required, we kindly request that all board members make a cash donation to support our mission. Your annual donation can be at a level you are comfortable with. We also encourage board members to attend at least one of our two special events.

🌟 We are currently looking for individuals with expertise in:

  • Strong financial background
  • HR experience
  • Community activism experience
  • However, we welcome applications from individuals with diverse interests and experiences.

Interested in making a difference? Send your name, phone number, and area of interest to

Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to our community and support the well-being of our older neighbors! 🌼 #VolunteerOpportunity #CommunitySupport #BoardOfDirectors