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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to keep our older neighbors and friends healthy and safe by providing effective programs and supports to help them stay connected to our communities.

Our vision is for all families and older adults to have access to accurate information and effective programs that support them as they manage the many transitions that are part of the aging process. In doing so, our older friends and neighbors can stay as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Meals on Wheels

LifePath delivers Meals on Wheels meals Monday – Friday to homebound older adults throughout Albany County. 

All Meals on Wheels meals are cooked from scratch daily at our Albany Kitchen and are approved by a registered dietitian to ensure that each meal is balanced and nutritious.

A knock at the door might not seem like a big deal to many of us. But, to a homebound senior, it could signal the arrival of the only person they might see all day or all week long. It brings hope. It brings health. It brings the nutrition and care that will completely make their day. A knock from Meals on Wheels can even save lives.

Tailored Nutrition

Serving good, healthy meals designed to ensure seniors have the nutrition they need and to meet specific needs and preferences of each individual.

Social Connection

Building and maintaining social connection to help seniors feel less alone, including phone calls and friendly visits.


Assessing the home environment to make sure it is safe, identifying and addressing hazards, directly or through referral.


Sharing valuable information, connecting clients to additional services and responding to the emerging needs in the community.

Community Dining

LifePath serves meals at 9 Community Dining Sites throughout Albany County.

Any person living in Albany County who is 60 years of age or older is eligible to join us for a meal at one of our 9 Community Dining Sites

Each Community Dining Site has its own personality, full of people who are eager to welcome a new friend! Many of the sites offer programs before and/or after the meal to foster connection and engagement.

Once registered at one of LifePath’s Community Dining Sites, individuals are welcome to join us for a meal at any of our sites.

Community Dining Sites: Town of Berne Community & Senior Center, Cohoes Senior Center, Livingston School Apartments, Ohav Sholom Apartments, South Mall Towers, St. Matthew’s Church, Watervliet Senior Center, Westview Homes, and Wyman Osterhout Community Center


Social Adult Day Programs

LifePath has 2 Social Adult Day Programs: Newgate in Albany and Cohoes Companions in Cohoes.

LifePath’s Social Adult Day Programs are structured environments tailored for older adults seeking a secure and interactive setting. These programs facilitate the formation of new connections, communal dining experiences, physical and cognitive exercises, the introduction of new activities, and the establishment of meaningful relationships.

These programs are particularly suited for individuals living at home who require additional support and daytime companionship. Each day, a fully balanced breakfast and lunch are served ensuring nutritional needs are met. Support services, including case assistance, are available based on individual requirements.

Our Social Adult Day Programs are designed to enhance the daily lives of individuals through structured and supportive engagement.

Senior Centers

LifePath has 2 Senior Centers: Cohoes Senior Center and Watervliet Senior Center

Discover the heart of community and care at LifePath’s Senior Centers. With a commitment to enriching the lives of older adults, our centers provide a vibrant and welcoming space for the community.

Whether you choose the Cohoes or Watervliet Senior Center, you’ll find a place where new friendships blossom, engaging activities thrive, and a warm sense of belonging prevails.

The Cohoes and Watervliet Senior Centers offer more than just a place to spend the day. Our programs are designed to stimulate both mind and body, with activities ranging from social gatherings to fitness classes, all tailored to meet the diverse interests and needs of our cherished community of older adults.

Join us in creating a supportive and lively environment where every day brings new opportunities for connection, learning, and joy. LifePath’s Senior Centers are more than spaces; they are the heartbeats of thriving communities. Explore the possibilities, make new memories, and let LifePath be your partner in the journey of senior living.

Caregiver Support

LifePath provides Caregiver Support.

LifePath provides Respite Care for Caregivers with 2 Social Adult Day Programs in Albany and Cohoes.

Caregiver support is available in our 12 week Caregiver Tune-Up program. This evidence based program provides tools and strategies to help manage caregiving responsibilities, balance priorities, improve problem solving, and identify local resources. Led by a Licensed Master Social Worker, this program provides the benefits of a renewed sense of support, connection with community, and reduced stress. 

Caregiver Connection provides guidance to identify strategies, options, & resources for the care of your loved one. Individualized support is available through Elder Care Counselor consultations and informational seminars.

LifePath is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving older adults throughout the Capital Region of New York.
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