Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tammy, I work at LifePath in the Administrative Office as Development Associate.  My husband, James and I recently had the opportunity to deliver meals though our Meals on Wheels program as the number of meals we deliver have almost doubled during this challenging time and our current team of drivers/volunteers needed help!  It was a no brainer for me as our team always jump in to help where needed.  My husband, well I enlisted him as I knew that I was going to need extra help and we needed to get the meals delivered in a timely fashion.

We were WOW'd when we arrived at the kitchen!  Talk about a well-oiled system, I was proud to see our staff and volunteers in action!  Everyone seemed to know just what to do and how to do it.  It was magical to watch!

Given the fact this was both of our first time delivering, we had no idea what to expect…but after our few deliveries we knew exactly what we were doing.  The people we delivered to need this food, they need each and every meal.  When the door was opened, the older adults were so thrilled to see us, their eyes light up and for the few minutes that we were there it was almost as if we were a ray of sunshine, shining through their door.  These older neighbors get lonely, they are bored, and without the Meals on Wheels delivery they would be hungry.

During our visit, we asked how their day was going, how they were feeling and then they each gratefully thanked us and wished us well.  We were filled with an amazing sense of well-being after each delivery.  To my husband and I, it might be just a hot meal but for those that we visited today it’s a lifeline to the outside world.

We were honored and thrilled to be able to deliver Meals on Wheels and although I volunteered my husband to help me, he has signed up to be an official volunteer!  We are looking forward to helping again, whenever we are needed.  The older neighbors that we serve are an amazing group of people, so polite and caring.  We wish everyone of you good health and better days!