To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”
- Tia Walker  

I am going to start 2020 by telling you about a group of very special people. A group of people who look ordinary on the outside but are extraordinary on the inside. LifePath and LifePath Cohoes have sixty people who come to work every day and spend every hour of that workday thinking about, caring about, and caring for some of the most vulnerable older adults in Albany County. This group of individuals delivers meals in the rain, the snow, and -10 degree weather. They help people after they had an embarrassing accident, assuring them that it’s ok. “It happens and our admiration and respect for you is not at all diminished.” They explain complicated government forms and help them get their oil burners filled. They drive them to their doctor appointments and help them get their groceries on to the bus. The items on this list may look like minor things, but be assured, for some, they are lifesaving.

Since we are a very poor not for profit, this group of people are paid very little, or some nothing at all. They have to make do with old equipment and outdated tools. They have to make do with coolers that have broken wheels and bags with broken zippers. They do workarounds when the printer does not work and write notes on used paper. Yet, they come back day after day and they love the guests, diners, and passengers they serve and work with.

Why am I telling you this? Because these people are my heroes, these people are very special. Most people don’t even know that they exist. Yet each day they do whatever needs to be done to care for our elderly neighbors.

The other reason I am telling you this is because you may be one of our soul mates. You may also care about and truly respect and admire our elder neighbors and you might want to connect with the LifePath family.

Do you want a part-time job where you make no money and work really hard to empower the lives of our seniors? Can you volunteer to brighten the life of an older neighbor? Do you have a talent you are willing to share at a local senior center? Can you donate a new cooler? Everyone has something to give and during this time of giving, I invite you to share your gifts with our local seniors.

If you have any questions,  please send me an email at or write to me at LifePath, 28 Colvin Ave., Suite 2  Albany, NY 12206.

Be well and be happy, Monika